Why should I install Solar PV?????

It's a good investment ...

With the introduction of feed-in tariffs, going solar has become a cost effective source of renewable energy, offering a better long-term return than the bank. At current energy prices, your system should pay back within 10 years. If energy prices rise as expected the pay back time will get shorter.

Reduce your carbon footprint ...

A system will knock 1 or 2 tonnes off your carbon footprint. It will also make you more aware of your energy use, both in the home and outside it. As a result you will reap indirect savings both in cash and in carbon.

Protect yourself from rising electricity prices ...

As oil reserves fall, electricity prices are expected to rise. A solar pv system will give you partial protection against rising prices (depending on the percentage of your electricity requirement generated by your system).

In fact if prices rise much further owning solar panels will be like owning a mobile phone ... you just can't afford not to!

How much does it cost you to subsidise renewable energy?

There has been lots written in the press recently about the rising cost of gas and electricity. Some articles claim that investment in renewable energy is responsible for these rises. If you are concerned about this, you may be interested to know the following:

  • UK households currently pay less than £2 per year for solar energy subsidies
  • Supporting solar will cost less than £10 a year for the average UK household right up until 2020
  • Gas prices (and therefore electricity prices) will continue to increase; a solar PV installation will insulate you from the rising cost of energy for several decades
  • Increased network costs over the coming years will also drive bills up to unprecedented highs, therefore investing in solar will further protect you
  • The vast majority of Britons (89 percent) believe that is important for the UK to embrace renewable energy generation.

This information is from a recent article by Peter Bennett, which you can read in full here