Solar Energy Systems

Brief overview

The Solar energy market can appear to be a very confusing place and on first glance extremely complicated but in truth for the user it isn't really that complex. It's ultimately all about the benefits it can deliver to both the energy consumer and the environment.

In essence a Solar energy system is about harnessing the sun's immense natural power source to either convert sunlight to electricity using silicon cells or its thermal energy for direct water heating, both with the objective of not only saving money but of course also the environment.

Carter Electrical provide a Solar PV Home Energiser Solution using photovoltaic panels to generate your own electricity and connect into the grid because it believes it is the best long-term offering and enables users to gain maximum benefits in terms of both energy and cost.

There is a Feed In Tariff, "FIT" sometimes called "Energy Cashbacks," effective from April 2010 available for small-scale generators. This FIT obliges energy companies to pay a premium price to you, the energy generator, for all the energy produced by your solar system, whether it is consumed at your property or exported back to the grid - provided your system is installed by an MCS accredited installer, which we are.  Below is a link to the current rates you will receive and projections based on published degression rates.

• The starting rate will last for 20 years, long after the system has paid for itself
• The rates are set to rise with inflation annually
• Feed in tariff income is tax free
• Energy consumed is offset from your bill with any exported electricity being valued at 4.85p per kWh 
• PV Installations benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5%

In the unlikely event of a dispute arising around the installation of a small-scale Solar PV system that cannot be resolved through our own complaint handling procedure, disputes can be escalated to RECC for mediation. Further details are available here: