Are you enjoying working from home? Not missing the hour long commute? Want to prove to your boss that you are more productive at home? Want to stay working from home?

However, does your home office hardware and infrastructure support your maximum productivity? Have you moved in to a garden office like thousands of others, but still not got everything working properly? Do you need a power supply to your garden office?


First, let’s look at the easy changes that we can do right away, such as making sure your office has enough outlets, so you don’t need to use extension cords. Extension cords are a sign that you need a wiring upgrade. They’re a trip hazard, they’re ugly, and they’re unnecessary when you have the infrastructure you need.

You can tackle a shortage of outlets by calling an electrician. At the same time you increase the number of outlets, you can also add some USB charging points. Instead of clogging up the AC plugs when you’re charging USB devices, simply add USB outlets and charge your devices. In many situations, just changing out old AC points with USB points actually doubles the number of useable outlets. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Another easy improvement is adding a dedicated computer circuit for the office/computer equipment. Because computers use more sophisticated components and are more sensitive to any changes in the electrical signal, a dedicated circuit is a needed safety feature. This circuit isolates your computer equipment from other devices on other circuits, such as heaters and refrigerators that intermittently draw more power. Whatever happens elsewhere in the home’s electrical system is separate from your computers.

Another upgrade is a surge suppressor. Installing a whole-house surge suppressor, that is located near the electrical panel, will protect the entire home from damaging electrical surges.

Hard-Wired Internet Connection for Better Speed

Lastly, replacing Wi-Fi with a hard-wired internet connection can provide a more stable connection that’s better for high-bandwidth tasks like videoconferencing. If you ever find that your Wi-Fi is a bit sketchy or unreliable, a hard-wired connection will solve that problem. It’s also a benefit when you have multiple users competing for bandwidth. Also a great solution for a garden office.

Although you might start with just a few upgrades, you may find your home office could also benefit from better lighting, security cameras, and other electrical upgrades that all need more power. Contact us here at Carter Electrical Installations to learn more about these and other improvements that will boost your productivity and enhance your home office security.


Consumer Units-aka Fuseboards

Check Out The Four Indicators That Signal You May Need An Upgrade.

1- Age- If your fuseboard has not been changed in twenty years then it is likely not compliant with current standards and may not provide you with basic protection. Technology and safety associated with consumer units has also moved on massively in the last thirty years from both the perspective of shock and fire protection and also the ease of use for the homeowner.

2- Does your consumer unit have an RCD (Residual Current Device)? Most modern consumer units should have and this single device massively increases the safety of your home electrics.

3- Live parts exposed- Are the working parts, fuses, or circuit breakers enclosed or are parts of the board exposed? It’s surprising how many fuseboards we come across with fuseholders or blanking plates missing leave live parts exposed to touch.

4- Fire risk- Is your fuseboard constructed of wood or plastic? If it is then it may not meet fire regulations. Should the worst happen, would the location of your fuseboard impede your escape in the event that it caught fire? Many consumer units are located either in an under-stairs cupboard or by the front door and many of these cupboards are also used to store potentially flammable objects.