We’ve been installing Solar PV systems in the Thames Valley since 2010. Although many installers have ceased trading as the Feed in Tariff has been scrapped, we’re still installing and servicing systems. If you’re interested, we can usually provide an initial quote and illustration without even visiting your home. Rest assured there will never be any hard-sell from us.

Prices are from approximately £1000 per 1kW installed (depending on specifications). If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your home (and future-proof yourself a little against price increases in electricity), this can be a great addition to your home. We also offer battery storage with PV systems, from under £12,000 for an entire system comprising 4kWp solar PV together with 8kWh battery. We can of course fit battery storage to an existing solar PV system. Don’t worry if this sounds a little complicated we can take care of everything and provide you with the appropriate system for your home.

Please contact us for details and a quote. We are based in central Reading but cover the Thames Valley and Home Counties. We are proud to work with PowerVault storage systems. More information on their systems can be found here. We can provide other storage systems but PowerVault are our preferred option. Please contact us for information.

If you already have a Solar PV system and have a problem with it, we can help, even if we didn’t install it.

If you’d like to maximise the potential of your Solar PV, consider installing an Immersun device. This constantly measures the power generated by your system, and how much electricity your house is using. It automatically diverts any excess power into your immersion heater rather than back to the national grid. Watch the video below for further information.