This might seem a boring subject to blog about but here at Carter Electrcial Energy Loggers are a vital tool for us. They help us measure clients energy usage so that we can fit the correct solar system. The loggers could also potentially spot electrical usage that the client is unaware of. With subsequent action taken by us they could reduce their energy bills.

The header photo above shows us setting up the Fluke Corporation data logger for a 2 week session so we can advise our client on an ideal sized solar system to meet their usage. That’s why we use the #hireaprofessional

Checking For Overloads

Here is Martin setting up some monitoring equipment at one of our client’s units. They’re having issues with overloads so looking to balance out their power usage across circuits- using the Fluke United Kingdom 1732 power analyser.

The logger discovers sources of electrical energy waste to identify possible energy savings, and conduct load studies. For you electrical nerds the logger:

  •  Automatically captures log voltage, current, power, power factor, energy and associated values
  • It has the highest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance and downstream.