We are seeing an increasing number of clients ordering Electric Vehicles, both for their home and business use. Therefore we are regularly getting asked for the installation of EV chargers for home and business use. Many clients are also going that one step further and are asking for the complete green energy package of Solar Panels, storage batteries and EV chargers.

This triple solution enables you to create power from the sun, store it if you don’t need it at the time, and then charge your electric vehicle with your own energy. Indeed you might also be able to sell some of your power back to the grid.

Here at Carter Electrical Installations we can offer this triple solution with products to suit all budgets. For the high end solution we recommend LG Solar Panels, with a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery and an Andersen charger for your EV. We would also add Solar Edge inverters-inverters change the DC voltage from the solar panels to AC voltage that can be used in the property. We can offer bespoke packages offering the best value for money for the client. We fit the products professionally and are on hand to give a good level of advice and after service.

Remember there are also government grants available for most green energy projects. We can help you in applying for these.

This image and the header photo show our latest installation for Organico Foods in Reading. This system by Huawei FusionSolar has Solar panels with a battery to store excess energy.

Another recent installation was a 12 panel 4.6kW system installed with SolarEdge inverter & optimisers. We had previously fitted a Zappi for customer’s EV. They have also opted for a Tesla Powerwall AC battery. We’ve installed the Tesla Gateway in preparation for the imminent delivery of the battery unit.