Tesla Powerwall 2 in Reading

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Tesla Powerwall 2 in Reading, Berkshire enables people access to one of the most advanced Home Energy Storage Systems on the Market. Powerwall 2 can be retro-fitted to any existing Solar System and presents a cost-efficient and industry leading Load-Shedding-Protection and Night-time Energy Storage. Tesla Powerwall 2 can also be fitted without Solar Panels, to be used as a store of power and a back up in case of mains failure.


Combine your Home Battery with a Solar System to become Energy Independent and reduce your electricity bill significantly. Our qualified Consultants will assist you to evaluate your electricity consumption and propose the best Energy Solution for your requirement.

Tesla Powerwall 2 explained

Stores Solar energy on site for your use later

You can connect the Tesla battery to any Solar Panel system. Reduce your electricity bill by more than 80%. Maximise your use of your renewable solar power.

Buys grid energy in cheap periods to use when grid energy is expensive

Automatically buy and store grid energy during cheap periods. Use the stored energy in place of grid energy when grid energy is expensive.

Renewable Energy for your property

Combine your Tesla Battery with a Solar System and supply your whole property with Renewable Energy – even at night and during Load-Shedding!

Cost-efficient Energy Storage

Good quality does not have to be expensive.Tesla equipment provides you with outstanding quality at affordable prices.

Stores grid energy on site to be used in power outages

No grid power? No problem! Your battery power can operate your home and office during grid problems. Keep sensitive critical equipment working through power outages.

Industry leading remote monitoring 24hrs a day

State of the art remote monitoring, ensures you know what is happening inside your home and office 24/7. Peace of mind knowing that sensitive equipment will always be powered.

All Information about the Tesla Battery


Height: 1,150mm Width: 753mm Depth: 147mm Weight: 114kg

Storage Capacity

The Battery has a capacity of 13.5kWh available. It is certified for a 100% DoD on a daily basis.

Power output

Tesla Powerwall 2 supply 5kW continuously. For brief periods it can peak at 7kW.


Tesla offers a 10-year warranty for its battery. This means 10 years peace of mind for you.

Data Sheet

Backup Gateway Data Sheet

Information Flyer


Consultation and Installation only by certified Installers

Carter Electrical Installations Ltd is a Certified Installer for Tesla Powerwall 2. All of our Consultants and Installation Teams are trained by Tesla to ensure that all your Energy Independence Project is going to be successful.

Quality assurance and control by the manufacturer Tesla ensures full compliance and highest quality for every installation. Carter Electrical Installations Ltd, as Certified Installer, provides detailed pictures and diagrams for each installation for review and approval. This your peace of mind about your Renewable Energy System.

Find out if Tesla Powerwall 2 the right choice for you!

In the UK, hundreds of thousands of domestic and small commercial solar systems have been installed. Over the past two years, more and more of these systems are being retro-fitted with a complementary battery like the Tesla Powerwall to help maximise the benefits of solar PV generation. In several cases, the size of the original solar PV system is being increased. We can install a number of different battery types but recommend Tesla Powerwall 2 for the following reasons:

  • 13.5kWh Best kWh price in the market
  • 5kW of Continuous Power
  • 10Year Warranty 80% Capacity Retention
  • Scaleable 10 Powerwalls per Gateway
  • Indoor or Outdoor Flexible positioning
  • APP Market leading consumer App
  • AC Coupled With or Without Solar
  • Connected Constant updates future proof
  • Indoor or Outdoor Flexible positioning
  • APP Market leading consumer App
  • AC Coupled With or Without Solar
  • Connected Constant updates future proof
  • Self-Consumption Consume more PV Energy
  • Time Of Use Tariffs Charge off Peak Energy
  • 1PH Backup Power to homes when grid outage
  • Grid services Aggregation ready