Do you have disagreements in your house about putting the heating on? Do you have to wait for a certain date before it’s OK to switch the boiler on? Is one of you prepared to put a jumper on whilst the other one will jump straight for the thermostat at the slightest hint of Autumn? Is you heating system flexible enough for your needs?

Here at Carter Electrical Installations we can fit many different “smart” heating controls like Nest, Hive, Honeywell etc. These devices help you control your heating and learn your behaviours. Did you know that your heating will probably make up 60% of your energy bill? Why not turn the thermostat down by 1C or 2Cand save yourself money whilst helping the planet too.

You can also control your thermostat from your smart phone, enabling you to heat your home remotely. It’s a huge waste of money and energy to heat an empty house, so don’t leave the heating on when you’re out, instead turn your heating on from your phone so that you’ve got a lovely warm house to come home to.

The newer devices are now able to control your hot water supply too. We can fit smart devices to most heating systems and have you up and running very quickly. We are also able to fit new door entry systems like Nest Hello and Ring.

Did you also know that in 2025 the fitting of gas fired boilers will not be permitted in new homes? Therefore builders will have to look at electric boilers or Air Source Heat Pumps to heat their new build homes.

Air Source Heat Pumps is a technology that is readily available in the United Kingdom today. With government incentives available to help fund the installation of an air source or ground source heat pump, it has never been easier for British homeowners and businesses to switch to low-carbon heating. If you have an interest in switching away from your gas fired boiler why not get in touch with us and find out what options are available to you?