Caversham Heath Golf Club has merged with Reading Golf Club and is to be called The Caversham. As part of this move there has been an extensive remodelling of the golf course. Included in the renovation of the golf course has been the building of a purpose-built unit for the Greenkeepers at The Caversham. Carter Electrical Installations have been involved from the start on this project and have installed Solar PV, Ducted Air, LED Lights and Fire Alarms. A total green solution!

With the 11kWp solar panel installation the building will mostly, if not always, be self-sufficient. Carter has also installed DC coupled battery storage so any surplus electricity, which there will most likely be plenty, can be stored up for the greenkeepers. This can then be used over night or during ‘peak’ energy times when electricity rates will be higher.

Heating and cooling for the internal offices and canteen area is handled by Daikin air to air heat pump units, giving a perfectly comfortable internal environment all year round. Apart from it being a more efficient system, it is complemented by the solar and battery storage.

All internal and external lighting is by Bell, Integral and Collingwood, and is not only LED, but also controlled by occupancy sensors so they aren’t left on unnecessarily. All in all an excellent outcome highlighting the benefits of an integrated green solution that Carter can provide to commercial buildings.

This project was delivered with the support of a grant from Low Carbon Workspaces. Grants are available to SMEs based in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. To find out if your business is eligible contact the Low Carbon Workspaces team on 01494 927131 and at or to find out more go to

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