#OneStepGreener is one of the key messages from COP26. It encourages people to take actions that have a positive impact on our environment. Simple steps we can take every day to make life more sustainable and they all add up. 

With all of the recent focus on COP26 many people are asking what they can do in their own lives to cut carbon emissions. We have been focussing on this subject here at Carter Electrical with many blogs showing what changes households can make to become greener and emit less carbon.

At Carter Electrical we understand that people do want green options but are careful to spend their money wisely. Therefore we offer a full range of green energy products from economy lines to state of the art devices. We can now offer Solar PV, EV chargers, Air Source Heat Pumps, storage batteries and energy saving LED lighting. There are also many Government grants available to help you purchase energy creating/saving products.

We also believe that is very important to have your Consumer Unit (Fuse Box) kept up to date. A new unit will keep you safe and ensure that you’re not wasting electricity. Maybe run a check on your energy usage to see if you are wasting power?

It can be done!! Earlier in the year we were thrilled to have received the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) report for the new build house we worked on in Frimley.

It achieved 98/101 on the EPC, it is net zero on CO2 (Carbon) emissions. The only way to improve the rating would have been with Solar Thermal water heating.